About Aga Gajownik

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Coach | Teacher | Speaker


I am a multilingual coach, teacher and speaker, who is passionate about helping ambitious people to make things happen.

I use a blend of scientific research and entrepreneurial experience to provide a holistic approach to coaching women, start-up founders and established businesses; an approach that takes personal life into account as much as the business side.

I also run educational Hackathons, train start ups on how to plan with SCRUM, teach brand development, networking and more.

Recognised as an industry expert, I am also a frequent public speaker, giving speeches and talks on everything from how to scale start-ups to finding your path in life - anywhere from school assembly halls to TEDx stages.


I am originally from a tiny village in Poland. Looking back at my younger self, I could never imagine being where I am today, having travelled the world and creating businesses that allow me to express my passion for social impact.

It was while studying Management in French, that I took the post as Student’s Union President. This fuelled the fire for what came next, with the launch of Innovation & Integration Ltd. (I&I). It’s mission is to support enterprising women and motivate them to take action, using an academic and psychological approach to coaching.

In 2014, I embraced the exciting opportunity to move to Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where I run an acceleration programme for startups and travelled all around the country to visit universities, speaking with students and helping professors to bring tech and entrepreneurship into their classrooms.

Since then, my work has grown further, with the development of SCRUM Educational Experience, Hackathons and more. 



It might not be everything but it can give you the idea of my exciting background :)

2019 —
Turned SCRUM Educational Experience into a new edtech startup supporting teachers introducing technology and entrepreneurship into schools. Graduated from Educate.London accelerator with an EdWard. Also, moved I&I to Singapore following my new husband. Let’s connect if you are ever in Asia!

2018 — Testing SEE at schools with the support of GetSet for Growth, ran first hackathon for 150 young people (15-17) in Oman, working with clients, got into Educate.London accelerator

2017— Launched Innovation and Integration (again), got into Allia Serious Impact Incubator and introduced SCRUM Educational Experience model during first Hackathons at St. Andrews University and the Ministry of Justice in London

2016 — Started testing Scrum Educational Experience at schools and working with young people. Back to coaching entrepreneurs and training again.

2015 — Decided to take the knowledge and experience I have to schools. Building brands and sales strategies for Agacello and Hipoalergiczni. Graduated with top grades from Kozminski University.

2014 — Helped to create an acceleration programme at TechmallSA, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Developing Brazilian startups’ brands.

2013 — Worked hard organising GrowUpStartUp - first startup conference in Warsaw (3000 participants). Started studying Master in Management in a Virtual Environment at Kozminski University.

2011- 2012 — Exhausted and miserable I recognised my first B2C model selling to students as a FAILURE and decided to pivot and work with women entrepreneurs. Things start moving forward under Aga Gajownik brand.

2010 — Developing my first business working as a coach and trainer during the day and working 14 h shifts at The Dorchester hotel and some other venues at night.

2009-2010 — Not knowing what to do in life I run for Students’ Union elections and won. It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life

2005-2009 — BA Management with French at Middlesex University, working full time in hospitality and travelling everywhere possible with Couch Surfing.

2004 — Got on a bus at the age of 17 to come to London and study English. I fell in love with this city and decided to move here when graduating secondary school.

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Think like a queen.

A queen is not afraid to fail.

Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.

Oprah Winfrey