Turning dreams into achievable goals.

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Encouraging people to create their own reality.


I am passionate about helping ambitious people to pave their way to success without burning out too soon. I take an individual's talent and motivation, wrap a story around them, and with my unique I&I formula (BASICS), we achieve targeted goals.

I’ve been an entrepreneur myself since 2010. I’ve studied, researched, lived and learned, and now I’ve created a holistic approach to help women entrepreneurs to transform great ideas into even larger projects. Most importantly, I help to synchronise big ideas with your personal life.

I have a deep understanding of health, diet and emotional well-being, as this is key to building a happy and more successful life. In just a few coaching sessions I will help you layout a plan and strategy to fix the immediate problems, give you the tools and put you back on the road to control.

How I work:

I can offer 1-1 Skype coaching sessions, or if you are based in London, can visit you for half or full day workshops.

What next?

Get in touch, I will get you to complete one or two exercises and we’ll have an initial free call where I can take the time to understand your problem and what you’d like to achieve. If there is a good fit and you decide to work with me, I will design a development programme for you and we take it from there.


I am very transparent with what I charge. All coaching programmes start with a minimum of 6 sessions. Personal coaching sessions start at £100/hour, Business Coaching £250/hour and day rates start from £750.

No money? Don’t worry!

I believe in everyone has a right to benefit from working with a coach. That’s why I take on one person a month who can pay what they can or offer a service or skill exchange in return. This can be arranged via application.

Coaching Topics covered:

1. Well-being and work-life balance for entrepreneurs

2. Career shifts and moving into entrepreneurship

3. Communication and conflict resolution

4. Defining and implementation of leadership styles

5. Designing startup operational plans

6. Time management and prioritisation

7. Networking strategy

8. Personal SWOT analysis

9. Public speaking and pitch preparation

10. Professional brand activation