“I have always heard how talented I was. Highest grades graduated with honors from all of my schools. I was a young musician entering the professional world, and I was sure I was ready for it.

However, years kept passing, and I realized I was still running up and down between various schools and agencies instead of focusing on what I wanted and could do!!! That is when I met Aga, my "missing link" as I call her. She instantly pointed out how I kept jeopardising my work and passions and helped me to believe that anything can happen with the right knowledge, some planning, and an open mind.

Aga is very engaging and has incredible energy. She stood out as a very hard working, carrying and assuring mentor. I literally could not resist following her advice what paid off with a great success!!! She turned my life around, 180 degrees right there and then. Working with Aga opened countless doors for my music career. With Aga came the shows, great projects, and many fans.

I am now focused, confident and positive. Feeling excited about yet unknown opportunities that I am not afraid to take advantage of them. I am not scared of failing anymore! All that and much more reflected in my work and private life at the same time. Aga is my mentor for life!”